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My Renegades

Jamie Baird
Westerville, OH

Stephen Ladd is not only a fantastic transformational life coach….He is an amazing person who has helped me beyond words.

Working with Stephen over the last six months has been literally life-changing for my personal and professional life. Looking back to our first session I vividly remember him saying this…”If anything we do together feels like work, then we are not on the right path”. He had me at hello! You mean to tell me that I can unequivocally change my person without trying? Sign me up and bring it on! I have been trying for YEARS to find an approach to living my best life…..Countless self-help books, therapy, CBT…you name it. I have accomplished more in my time with Stephen than all the aforementioned combined.

Through talking about “HOW” my problems are created through life experiences my eyes have seen a new light. By realizing nothing external, not anything or anyone can dictate my happiness other than me has literally transformed me into a brand new man. I still go back to my old ways, however, with the help of Stephen the time between those “episodes” are less and less frequent.

The clarity of mind I have achieved in a very short period of time is the best breath of fresh air I could have ever hoped for. With the help of Stephen I now know that the world is forever my oyster.

Please trust me…Stephen Ladd is one of a kind. I am honored and blessed that our paths crossed and will be forever grateful for his humor, kindness and guidance.

I can’t help but smile every time I tell myself to CTFD!