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Hey there, I’m Stephen, founder of Renegade Life and a Transformative Coach.

I specialize in working with closet rebels and renegades; high achieving people who’ve had success by traditional standards yet feel “stuck” or as though “something is missing”.

I journey with clients on a path to reclaiming their essential well-being and authentic freedom… without committing to “Self-Improvement”, Draconian Discipline, or disrupting their entire lives.


Why the hell take a ride with me?

Spiritual Constipation

is a wake-up call without an annoying alarm clock. If you are ready to look in a new direction and explore boundless possibilities, all the while laughing somewhat inappropriately, Stephen is your travel guide.

Come on in, the water’s fine!

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My Renegades

Kristen Moeller
Kristen Moeller
Salida, CO

“This man can listen like nobody’s business. He can peer deep down into your heart and soul and let you know he gets it, understands it – and no matter how dark it seems to you, he sees the light that shines there and helps you to see it too. He has mad coaching skills, a great sense of humor, a sparkling intellect and the makings of a life-long friend.”