What is Transformative Life Coaching?

There are many types of coaches that serve various functions and purposes for their clients. You can hire a speaking coach, a business coach, a productivity coach etc. If you want to improve one specific skillset or aspect of your life, then these specialists may well be your ticket.

And then there are the more general “Life Coaches”, which vary greatly in their approaches and may address a myriad of different topics ranging from stress reduction, goal setting, accountability, life or work transitions, relationships, the list goes on and on. The basic structure of this process is that the client decides on the desired goal or outcome, and then the coach works with the client to utilize tools and techniques to overcome limitations and (ideally) attain the stated goal(s).

The Difference That Makes a Difference

In my Transformative Life Coaching practice, you are still encouraged to share your hopes, dreams and goals; as well as what you see as the obstacles preventing you from achieving them. As a matter of fact, the most common phrase from clients who seek out my services is “I just feel STUCK”. It’s also common for them to report that they “know there is something more to life, but they just can’t quite see it”.

So, as we move in the direction of your goals, we pay at least as much attention to how you are feeling in your life along the way. We engage in conversations about who you really are, and about how your experiences in life (including your “problems”) are created. When you begin to have insights into HOW life works, many of your previously perceived “problems” take care of themselves. No matter what your goals may be, it is decidedly useful to understand the rules of the game (hint: they are relatively fluid, and that’s good news). With deeper understanding, the appropriate actions to be taken (if they are any) become abundantly clear.

One of my mentors, Michael Neill, uses this somewhat curious analogy to describe the difference between traditional coaching and transformative coaching:

If you find yourself in an egg (hey, you never know… it could happen), and you’d like to make some improvements, a traditional coach would likely help you to make some interior egg decorating upgrades. That’s all good and well and will enhance your experience within the egg. On the other hand, a transformative coach will be focused on creating an environment where you can HATCH out of the egg completely.

Anybody up for a little hatching action?